Secure Google Chrome

Automatically clear all site data from Chrome

Many of us know that the popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips got hacked a few days ago. Of course, none of us want to be in the same situation and get our session tokens stolen so the attacker (usually...

/ April 2, 2023

Hashcat Apple M1 Pro Benchmark

What is Hashcat? Hashcat is a fascinating and powerful password recovery tool used by both professionals and amateurs. hashcat is the world’s fastest and most advanced password recovery tool. Source: Hashcat Official Website. If explained in layman’s terms, hashcat guesses...

/ February 12, 2023

How to install Google PageSpeed on Nginx Official Docker Instance

Since the release of the last Stable version of the PageSpeed on November 8, 2017, it is being used as a highly useful module for both Nginx and Apache. Even in 2022, achieving the equal performance of PageSpeed with other...

/ May 4, 2022

The Easiest way to Create Virtual Machines and Launch using Multipass

For different reasons, you may need to create and launch a virtual machine on your computer. From playing with multiple operating systems to learning new technologies, creating a virtual machine sounds more logical than purchasing and setting up multiple physical...

/ April 4, 2022

পিএইপি তে কিভাবে ক্লাসের বাইরে থেকে প্রাইভেট এবং প্রটেকটেড ডেটা একসেস করবেন?

আজকে আমরা জামালকে নিয়ে গল্প করবো। জামাল এমনিতে বেশ ভালো ছেলে। প্রেম ভালোবাসার দিক দিয়ে সে বেশ একটিভ। তার একটা বউ তো আছেই, সাথে একটা গার্লফ্রেন্ড আছে। তার উপর আবার একটা জাস্টফ্রেন্ড ও আছে। বউ তার একান্তই নিজের। তাই ধরে...

/ June 24, 2021

Enable Apple Watch ECG in any Unsupported Country

Apple introduced ECG (Electrocardiogram) measurement feature in Apple Watch Series 4 and since then, it’s one of the most exciting features of an Apple Watch (Series 4 +). It doesn’t have unlimited Watch Faces like Android, but it comes with...

/ November 11, 2019

Use Fiio Q1 Mark II as Android External DAC

The Fiio Q1 Mark II was not working as Android External DAC after connecting to my Android phone. Here is the workaround for solving this.

/ October 17, 2018

A Curated List of Watchfaces for Amazfit Pace SmartWatch

There are hundreds of sites for downloading Amazfit Pace watchfaces. Here I've curated a list of the most awesome and beautiful watchfaces so you can download with just one click.

/ January 31, 2018

How to hide Notices, Warnings and PHP Errors in WordPress

Sometimes, PHP Notices and Warnings are shown even when Debug Display is Disabled. How to fix that? Well, simply add these four lines of code and all those Errors will be gone!

/ January 12, 2018