Hello again! I’m loving my Amazfit Pace Smartwatch more and more every day. It has so many awesome features that it’s very hard to go out of the home without wearing it. And the best thing I like in this smartwatch is the battery life. I can charge once and forget to charge it for one whole week.

However, having the same clock design might bore you, at least it bores me. And to solve this problem, this super awesome smartwatch supports adding custom watchfaces.

What is a Watchface?

It’s easier to explain with Clock Face:

A clock face, or dial, is the part of an analog clock (or watch) that displays the time through the use of a fixed-numbered dial or dials and moving hands. In its most basic form, recognized throughout the world, the periphery of the dial is numbered 1 through 12 indicating the hours in a 12-hour cycle, and a short hour hand makes two revolutions in a day. A long minute hand makes one revolution every hour.

Source: Wikipaedia

In digital watches, there are no physically moving hands but as those have a digital display, you can show anything you want there. So lots of super awesome people have developed custom-designed dials looking like awesome analog watches. And obviously, there are digital displays with awesome designs too. These designs are called watchfaces.

How to Install and Activate Watchfaces

Hmm… That’s a very important thing here. I’ve written a dedicated and detailed blog article on how you can add custom watchfaces in your Amazfit Pace sports smartwatch, and activate those in your smartwatch. I believe, after reading that article, you will know all the possible ways of adding custom watchface in your watch and activate those. Here is the link to that blog article:

How To Add Custom Watch Faces in Amazfit Pace

How to Download Custom Watchfaces

It’s very easy. There are hundreds of sites on the Internet from where you can download watchfaces for your Amazfit Pace. A watchface is simply a file with .wfz extension. So to download custom watchfaces, simply go to any of the sites which provide the option to download custom watchfaces, download the files, then put those .wfz files in the WatchFace directory of your Amazfit Pace smartwatch and you should be good to go. If you have forgotten how to do that, please check again the link at the beginning of this article.

My Curated List

Well, there are thousands of watchfaces available on the Internet. And it’s a time-consuming task for every one. So I’ve curated a list of super awesome and most beautiful watchfaces I found. I’ll keep updating this post from time to time. So bookmark this page and visit this page frequently to get the updated list of watchfaces.

Watchface Source: Simple Amazfit Watchface Builder by Fabio Barbon

I’ll keep adding more awesome watchfaces in this post. So have a look here frequently. And I hope, you will enjoy this post and these watchfaces.

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